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Our Mission, Our Passion

“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity, but an act of kindness.” ~ Nelson Mandela

The I61 Foundation is a non-profit organisation connecting funders with impactful community projects. We are based in Mauritius, with reach into Africa. Our mission is to identify non-profit organisation (NPO) projects that align with our values and connect them with funders who share our passion for positive change. Our compliance team carefully vets all parties involved, and we monitor and evaluate each project to ensure the outcomes are effective and sustainable.

Our vision is to transform how funders and NPOs collaborate to create lasting impact in vulnerable communities.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the provision of effective and sustainable solutions, uplifting those oppressed by poverty and social injustice, as well as, to renew and rebuild in times of crisis through transparent partnerships.
Our Governance

Our Governance

We recognise that strong governance is essential for NPOs to operate effectively, maintain donor trust and ensure that resources are used efficiently and ethically. We thoroughly vet every NPO and funder registered with us, supporting funders to donate confidently and NPOs to receive securely.
Our Impact

Our Impact

We go beyond moving funding to where it’s needed. We foster long term partnerships built on the foundation of trust, transparency and accountability to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it the most.

Our Areas of Impact

We bring hope to those in need by supporting projects that restore, renew and rebuild vulnerable communities.

By focusing our efforts on the four critical areas that significantly impact vulnerable communities, we strive to empower them, fostering their resilience and hope for a brighter future. By supporting projects in these areas, you are addressing immediate needs and laying the foundation for sustainable progress and long-term positive change.

Poverty Alleviation

27 successful projects

for All

64 successful projects


18 successful projects


19 successful projects

Our Promise

To work tirelessly in facilitating effective partnerships that drive sustainable change

At I61 Foundation, our commitment to sustainable impact drives our unique approach. We focus on thorough vetting, personalised matching and ongoing project support. By connecting donors with the most effective and transparent non-profit organisations, we ensure that contributions create ongoing, meaningful change.

Benefits of Partnering with Us:

100% of projects funds received are allocated to projects, with no administrative fees deducted

Highest standards of transparency and accountability in our vetting process and interactions with funders and NPOs

Ongoing support and monitoring of NPO projects to ensure long-term success and sustainable impact on vulnerable communities

Comprehensive feedback delivered to funders on project outcomes

Personalised matching that aligns donor values with suitable projects

Our Partners

We believe in the collective action of collaboration to create lasting change.

By partnering with the I61 Foundation, you become a catalyst for change. Whether you are a funder seeking to make a meaningful impact or an NPO looking for support and resources, we drive collaboration, growth and success.


We collaborate with a diverse network of funders empowering them to maximise their contribution to lasting transformation in communities.
• Corporate funders
• International funder
• Individual donors
• Faith-based organisations
• Non-profit funders, eg. charitable trusts and foundations


We support non-profit organisations (NPOs) in Mauritius, Madagascar and Zimbabwe by matching their project focus and resource needs with reputable funders who share the same values and passion for sustainable change:
• Associations/NGOs
• International associations/NGOs
• Charitable foundations
• Charitable trusts
• Companies limited by guarantee


We connect passionate volunteers with non-profit organisations (NPOs) needing their skills, expertise, enthusiasm and goodwill. Volunteer Connect serves as a hub for both NPOs seeking volunteer support as well as individuals and corporate teams looking for meaningful ways to give back.

Current Projects

We prioritise projects that deliver tangible, measurable results, ensuring that our funders’ contributions make a significant, lasting difference.

Partnering with I61 Foundation ensures that the challenges vulnerable communities face are met with adequate resources and sustainable solutions. Through our collaborative approach, you will become an active participant in the journey of these communities towards resilience, fostering transformative change and improving lives.

Ecole du Jour

NPO: Future Hope - The main objectives of the NGO is to cater for the needs of children who are unable to follow the...

Goal:₨ 303,000
Raised:₨ 0
To Go:₨ 303,000

ARCH Training Centre

NPO: APPEL - Association Pour Personnes En Larmes (APPEL) registered since 2006 operates ARCH Rehabilitation Center for...

Goal:₨ 305,000
Raised:₨ 0
To Go:₨ 305,000

La Ferme Nou Leritaz

NPO: ENL Foundation - This project will sustain the activities of ‘La Ferme Nou Leritaz’ directly supporting 266...

Goal:₨ 550,000
Raised:₨ 0
To Go:₨ 550,000

Can't decide which project to support ?

Reach out to us and we will help you identify a project that resonates with your purpose and objectives

Success Stories

We are grateful for the lasting change our partnerships have fostered

By connecting passionate funders with driven NPOs, the I61 Foundation has paved the way for countless success stories, uplifting communities and transforming lives.