Current Projects

Empower communities by supporting and contributing to our active initiatives.

Our current projects include initiatives at different stages of funding, as well as full-funded projects that are still under implementation. Explore our current projects and find out how you can contribute to creating a lasting change in these communities. Reach out to us for more information.

Enfants Heureux

NPO: Bonheur Associe aux Enfants - Bonheur Associe aux Enfants supports 75 children under 19 years of age. Lunch is...

Goal:₨ 920,000
Raised:₨ 0
To Go:₨ 920,000

Salt Swimmers

NPO: Hope House - Mauritius is a small island with approximately 1.3 million people with many low-income villages...

Goal:₨ 391,000
Raised:₨ 320,000
To Go:₨ 71,000

ARCH Training Centre

NPO: APPEL - Association Pour Personnes En Larmes (APPEL) registered since 2006 operates ARCH Rehabilitation Center for...

Goal:₨ 305,000
Raised:₨ 0
To Go:₨ 305,000

La Ferme Nou Leritaz

NPO: ENL Foundation - This project will sustain the activities of ‘La Ferme Nou Leritaz’ directly supporting 266...

Goal:₨ 550,000
Raised:₨ 10,000
To Go:₨ 540,000