Our Funders

By partnering with I61 Foundation, you empower change, guaranteeing that your contributions make a tangible difference

When you partner with I61 Foundation, you tap into an array of genuine, carefully vetted opportunities to effect meaningful change in vulnerable communities. We ensure that 100% of your project donations are allocated to the project of your choice, and monitor project execution to completion, giving you the confidence your contributions will achieve the highest possible impact.

To maintain our commitment to channeling all funds towards our projects, yet ensuring our financial sustainability, I61 Foundation operates on the basis of separate donations for administrative costs, requested as 10% of the value of the project, at the time of donation, or as a separate administrative donation.

I61 Foundation supports many types of funders such as:

Benefits for Our Funders

We understand that funders wish to maximise the impact of their contributions while minimising risk and ensuring accountability. Funders gain unique benefits by choosing to support projects through I61 Foundation.

  • Access to a curated selection of carefully vetted NPOs and projects
  • Personalised matching based on your purpose, values and areas of interest
  • Guarantee that 100% of project funds are directed to the project
  • Regular updates and transparent reporting on the impact of your contributions
  • Increased confidence that your donations are being put to the best possible use
  • Opportunity to engage further and volunteer with the NPO

Funding Guidelines

Our Network of Donors

Meet our funders, I61 Foundation’s trusted partners and active contributors to creating a better society