Clearing the Grounds

For this experience my group of 10 went to help clean and clear out the site of a school. They help educate and encourage people who are disabled between the ages of 5 to 16 depending on their disability. They work with people with a range of disabilities and have different classes to help organise themselves. 

Our first task was weeding the edges of the yard and cleaning out the unwanted plants that sprouted between the bricks. We then moved on to more clearing out. This included not only picking up trash, including bottles, cards, cloths and plastics, but also cleaning the garden and removing unhealthy parts of growing plants. Although simple, it took quite a few hours to clear out the front area and, by the end of it, we had a very large pile of rubbish and other things that needed to be thrown out. Working with friends made it fun and all the more efficient as we were able to help each other and share techniques that made the work a lot more efficient. Often we would switch tasks, ensuring that no one was always doing the hardest task and also that we each undertook a variety of tasks allowing us to individually build our skills without disregarding the advantages of having a team – LBIS Student