Kitchen Renovation and Refrigerator


Date of Completion:

June 28, 2022


Poverty Alleviation

Funds Raised:

Rs 120,822

Lives Impacted:


Project Overview

Bonheur Associé Aux Enfants is a registered NGO founded on 8 November 2020 and based in the south of Mauritius in Cite Beau Vallon.  The project name is “Enfants Heureux” (Happy Children) and supports 75 children of 38 families in the area whose parents are in financial difficulty due to the Wakasio disaster, Covid Pandemic and other problems such as alcohol, drugs and prostitution.

Over and above other activities, the preparation and distribution of lunch packs every school day for the 75 children, is one of Bonheur Associé Aux Enfant’s main activities. Every school day, the staff start working at 5:00am to prepare food and organize lunch packs for the children to collect from 6:15 am. The Lunch pack consists of a sandwich, yogurt, fruit or juice and other goodies, depending on the availability of funds and from the donations collected. This activity is carried out throughout each school term, regardless of the children being online or in class. The NGO has seen a marked change during the first term: (1) The children are more eager to go to school and there are less absentees; (2) The parents feel much relief as this activity reduces their financial burden.

A new kitchen means that the food is now  prepared in a safer, more spacious environment and meets the requirements of the Ministry of Health. The new fridge purchased means that food is stored safely and there is now capacity to receive donations of yogurt for the children.

Please Note: All information herein, in part or in whole, is that of the said NGO and not of the I61 Foundation. 100% of the funds raised will be allocated to the project. If you have any questions, we would be more than happy to answer them. Thank you for your consideration.