Carre d’As Sanitation Project


Date of Completion:

December 31, 2021


Poverty Alleviation

Funds Raised:

Rs 289,212

Lives Impacted:


Project Overview

Carre d’As is a village situated on the main road of Black River, adjacent to London Way Supermarket where 48 families live in precarious living conditions. Le Pont du Tamarinier (LPDT), for the last 13 years, has accompanied these families and advocated for them to obtain decent housing. In the meantime, LPDT has also implemented projects to better their living conditions while they wait for the social housing project to be realized. Most families have no access to water in their homes and have limited access to the reservoirs that are situated in the village. The Carre d’As Sanitary Project provided effective solutions to better their living conditions. With our partners and the habitants of the village, a solution was found by installing a second water tank and raising it, installing four water points throughout the village and building a communal washing up area for the families.

Please Note: All information herein, in part or in whole, is that of the said NGO and not of the I61 Foundation. 100% of the funds raised will be allocated to the project. If you have any questions, we would be more than happy to answer them. Thank you for your consideration.