Classroom Improvement


Date of Completion:

November 12, 2023


Education for All

Funds Raised:

Rs 17,965


Bonheur Associe aux Enfants

Project Summary

This project involved renovating an existing rooftop space to create a school classroom to offer the student beneficiaries of the vulnerable community, Cite Beau Valon, a decent space for their after school and holiday classes. Boheur Associe aux Enfants is known as a safe space for the children to learn and play. To further ensure that the children have a good working environment, good quality chairs and tables were purchased.

Detailed Proposal

The project included the renovation and consolidation of the space used as a classroom to perform educational and artistic activities. A three sided open space needed to be partially enclosed using aluminium frames and windows against bad weather conditions and seasonal inconveniences. 

By installing these windows, the NGO is now able to provide the children with:

  1. A secure place for all their educational and extracurricular activities: eg. after school classes three days a week, art and craft work and other artistic activities
  2. A better learning environment where their classes are not interrupted due to adverse weather conditions like heavy rain and wind (Sometimes classes hd to be stopped during heavy rain because water enters the space and affects the children)
  3. A more secure, clean and comfortable space to encourage the children to increase their interest in learning and art work in a pleasant atmosphere
  4. A place to protect school materials, furniture and equipment used in the classroom and thereby increasing their lifespan.

The tables and chairs purchased allow the children to work more comfortably and effectively.

Please Note: All the information contained in this document, in part or in full, is that of the said NGO and not of the I61 Foundation. 100% of the funds collected will be allocated to the project. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. Thank you for your consideration.