Back to School


Date of Completion:

January 31, 2024


Education for All

Funds Raised:

Rs 25,020


Bonheur Associe aux Enfants

Project Summary

This initiative involved the provision of essential school supplies such as copybooks, pencils, erasers, rulers, pencil cases, and more to students in need. Additionally, it included the distribution of uniforms, specific textbooks, and related educational materials to selected older students who could not afford these items themselves. The aim was to ensure that the beneficiaries of Bonheur Associe aux Enfants (BAE) were equipped with all the necessary items to attend school with confidence and dignity.

Project Overview

Thanks to the funding received, BAE purchased:

  • 29 dozen copybooks for 65 children
  • 2 school uniforms for 2 girls
  • 7 books for grade 10 and 4 books of grade 7 for 5 children
  • 4 books for grade 7 and 3 books for grade 8 children, together with art and sewing stationery for 2 children

Textbooks were purchased for those who did not obtain Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE) books.
Each child signed for their materials, and the parents also committed to supporting their children’s education.

40 families to whom these children belong, saved an average of Rs1,500 per child. These are families facing health issues, addiction problems, and extreme poverty, some of whom have experienced homelessness and have resided in Social Centres within the year. Additionally, some of the children’s parents are incarcerated. Most parents rely solely on basic government pensions as they are unable to work due to health constraints.
The children were equipped with all they needed to confidently start the new school year. There was no fear of missing materials this year! Absenteeism at the start of school was reduced because of this. All 65 children attended the start of school with the excitement of a new year ahead and the joy of seeing their friends again!

Please Note: All the information contained in this document, in part or in full, is that of the said NGO and not of the I61 Foundation. 100% of the funds collected will be allocated to the project. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. Thank you for your consideration.