Cyclone Relief Response


Date of Completion:

March 29, 2024


Crisis Support

Funds Raised:

Rs 189,600



Project Summary

The primary objective of this project was to provide immediate and effective response in the aftermath of the 2023/2024 cyclone season in Mauritius. The focus addressed the urgent needs of affected communities during their time of crisis, ensuring their safety, and facilitating recovery efforts.

The funds raised were used to support displaced families through the purchase of:

  1. 75 Mattresses that had become sodden and irreparable
  2. Palettes for mattresses to prevent future damage 
  3. 17 Food packs to provide for essentials lost in storm water or spoiling from lack of electricity.
  4. 10 School Stationery Packs to replace books and materials damaged or lost by the flood water

5 NPOs in 11 regions were supported.

Detailed Overview

Support During Times of Crisis is one of the four focus areas of I61 Foundation. Cyclones in the Indian Ocean are predicted to become more frequent and more powerful. The result: more vulnerable communities in low lying areas  are affected through loss and destruction of homes and property. During these times of crisis,  I61 Foundation contacts all registered nonprofit (NPO) partners in the affected regions to understand the direct needs of their beneficiaries.

As 2024 started, so did the cyclones and torrential rains. The social workers of our registered nonprofit (NPO) partners visited their beneficiaries as soon as it was safe to do so to assess the situation of each family. Many houses were badly flooded, especially those made of corrugated iron sheeting, which were already in a tenuous condition, allowing water to pour in. Rivers had flooded their banks and together with storm surges from the ocean, homes were completely flooded, and some washed away. As a result mattresses of many families were completely soaked and covered with silt – no longer in a condition to be used.  School books and materials were completely ruined.

Each NPO drew up a list of individuals affected and their needs. Mattresses and school materials were purchased and distributed, signed off by the respective beneficiary ensuring items went to those they were intended for. Ensuring families received food packs was also facilitated by our team at I61 Foundation. Through further facilitation by I61 Foundation, three villages with families in a state of extreme poverty, received linen for their families and palettes to raise mattresses off the ground to prevent further damage when possible.

Thank you for supporting our communities in their times of need!

Please Note: All the information contained in this document, in part or in full, is that of the said NGO and not of the I61 Foundation. 100% of the funds collected will be allocated to the project. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them. Thank you for your consideration.